Uniform measure chart

Welcome! You have just made a very important descion that potentially will teach you or your child highly important life skills. When anyone new joins as a student, you begin training towards your White Belt. We do not automatically hand out White Belts upon joining, because each color of our Syllabus represents a certain level, so your instructor needs to see you reach that level before gaining the first belt.

Our uniforms are custom made, in Satin material. Extremly light weight and very comfortable. They have tribal print & print on each leg with the logos on the back and front chest. Once the student has been training for 3 months or is deemed ready to grade for White Belt. The grading list will go out & the payment deadline is set.

Please note: If you pay after the deadline has gone I cannot order your uniform on that order. The order needs to be done in 1 bulk order as uniforms are made out in Asia. Please see the Kickboxing Suit measurement chart below!

  • A is the width of student top
  • B is from the top to just below the hip flexors
  • C is from next to the neck to just by the elbow
  • D is waist circumfrence (all the way around)
  • E is leg length

All measurements are done in inches.
Please email meaurements in this format:

Student name
A -
B -
C -
D -
E -