Personal Training Packages


Platinum - 20 Sessions

Gold - 16 Sessions

Silver - 12 Sessions

Bronze - 8 Sessions

Kickboxing Memberships

WKO England Annual Licence

All students need a licence to train in kickboxing. It is a one off annual fee of £25 which gives the martial artists a licence and insurance to train in kickboxing with The World Kickboxing Organisation England. No licence, no participation.


Unlimited Membership

Train as often as you like for the biggest saving per class.


Gold Membership - 8 Block

Train as often as you like and enjoy the benefit of reducing the cost of classes the more you train. For £80 per month you have access to up to 10 classes a week. Think how much you'll save if you really are commited to your training.


Silver Membership - 4 Block

Training once per week for a total of 4 classes a month for £56 per month.

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