Personal Training

Your health is an investment, not an expense. Recondition your mind for success. You are strong.

Stephon has 9 years' experience in Personal Training and 13 years' experience in working in the fitness industry in total. He specialises in weight loss & body conditioning. Whether your desire is to lose 30kg in body fat or if you want to train for an event or wedding. Stephon has experience working with many types of people, and knows how to get you to your destination.

Stephon can design a specific fitness plan for your requirments, and inbetween personal training sessions, you will follow the fitness programmes he designs for you. With every personal training package you will get meal monitoring, fitness plans, accountability, weekly weigh ins & regular contact in between sessions.

All personal training sessions are 30 minutes long and packages start from training twice per week. Below are the different options for your personal training journey.


Fitness First London Bridge (Cottons)

"Let exercise be your stress reliever, not food."