Client Reviews


Susie, B - Personal Training Client

I would never have thought about a PT in the past but since I have been with Stephon it's been amazing. I have lost 3 stone 6.5lbs (23.2kg) in 7 months and I can see and feel my body getting fitter, and I can workout longer too where as before I could only do an hour and be out of breath. I look forward to my sessions with Stephon and when I workout alone too!! Thank you so much Stephon for all your help.


Jess, N - Personal Training Client

Already lost 13.3 pounds (6kg) in 2 weeks of training. Great variety of exercises and already feeling fitter and stronger after 2 weeks!


Kam, P - Personal Training Client

In training with Stephon for 12 weeks, I have lost a brilliant 1 Stone 6lbs (10kg). His sessions are always intense and work a variety of muscles. He is very friendly, encouraging and easy to work with. I especially love high intensity kickboxing with him - by far my favourite workouts!! Looking forward to more weeks of he's sessions to slim down and get strong.


Roy, R - Personal Training Client

I've been training with Ultra Fit Solutions for the past few weeks and with the intense workouts and meal plans, I have seen a big change in myself weight wise and my body becoming lean. I found going to the machines very boring and my body has gotten used to the intense workouts. Stephon the personal trainer has been a huge help to me on losing weight and gaining muscle. I have dropped 6.8% Body fat and gained 8.7kg muscle In just 7 days.
I look forward to continue training and improving my health more.


Deb, B - Personal Training Client

I've lost 1 stone (6.5kg & 9cm off my thighs & 8cm off my upper waist) in 12 weeks of Stephon's sessions. Stephon always pushes me to keep going, and i'm noticably fitter and stronger than when I started. Sessions are varied and always leave me feeling like i've worked hard. Would definitely recommend Stephon to anyone looking to make a lifestyle change and lose weight fast!

Tina, Z - Personal Training Client

Very motivating and changes the workout so i dont get bored. After 4 sessions i can already feel a difference in my fitness level. Highly recommend training with him to anyone looking to lose weight or get fitter.

Pamela, N - Personal Training Client

I've been training with Ultra Fit Solutions for 3 months and with the exercise and meal plans provided have lost a total of 22Ib. I find going on the machines boring and tedious so had several different plans tailored to meet my needs and received constant support to enable me to reach my goals.


Melissa, C - Personal Training Client

The idea of stepping off the treadmill and into the weights area can be daunting but Stephon makes the transition comfortable and easy. He has an extensive knowledge of how to target problem areas and listens to you to tailor a plan to your specific needs. With Stephon's guidance I have been able to tone my core and significantly increase my overall fitness and I look forward to seeing continued improvement.


Chloe, L - Personal Training Client

I trained with Ultra Fit Solutions for the past 11 months and I am still motivated! Stephon makes weight loss enjoyable and provides you with tailored, creative and effective workouts. He thinks outside the box and can guarentee results. Ultra Fit Solutions has completely changed my life. I am healthier, happier and after 11 months am still losing weight. Highly recommend!


Fee, A - Online Personal Training Client

This is a great idea for people who want to get fit and healthy and need a bit of support but who can't afford the high prices of a personal trainer! Great app, easy to use and great exercises that you want to try and want to keep up!!


Charlotte, W - Online Personal Training Client

So far the experience has been really fun yet challenging to do! I feel motivated and Stephon is super supportive!


Komal, D - Personal Training Client

I've been having PT sessions with Stephon for just over 6 weeks. He has helped me build my core strength. He's very good at giving alternative exercises if I've injured myself. His friendly and bubbly personality makes exercise more enjoyable.