What country is this style of kickboxing from?
Our kickboxing syllabus is a Japanese Sport Kickboxing Style. With most of the same kicks found in Korean Taekwondo.

Do I need to bring my own gloves or hand wraps?
Ideally yes. For hygene reasons we recommend that all students have boxing hand wraps & gloves. We can provide the gloves on our Webshop.

How long is it until Black Belt?
Black Belt takes 3 years providing the student passes every grading and does not miss one.

Can parents watch classes?
Due to child protection reasons we do not allow parents to watch the classes. But there is a waiting area outside and also a Bar that opens up for parents/adults to wait in.

Is there parking?
Yes on Willow Walk or Pages Walk.

Can I bring a friend?
Absolutley. Please ask them to email on my contact box first so we can be aquainted.

Are babies/toddlers allowed inside the venue?
They are not allowed in the Dojo/Training Room. It is more suitable if child care is arranged if possible.

Do you do discounts?
We currently charge below average prices for Kickboxing classes. Other clubs charge much higher rates. So no discounts.

When can I order the uniform?
Students train 3 months for the White Belt, then attend the grading and issued their certificate, custom belt & uniform.

What basic kit do I need?
Beginner-Yellow Belt: Boxing hand wraps, gloves.

Are gradings essential?

What do I need to bring to classes?
A bottle of water & sweat towel & wear gym clothing.

Can I swap days around? Or do I have to commit to a set day?
No, it is betters that students sign up for specific days. If due to absence etc & there is space then sure you can.

How often an I charged for training fees?
Monthly. This means there are 5 months with 5 weeks in, where you end up with extra classes you are not charged for. Your Instructor takes that time back in 4 weeks annual leave.

Is there an option to freeze if I am away for more than 4 weeks?
You can but please advise your instructor more than 3 days before your direct debit date.

Are you open during the school holidays?

Is there contact straight away?
After Yellow Belt, students learn blocking techniques.

Are you a competition based club?
No one is forced into competing, but some students relish competition & want to test themselves.

Do I need a licence?
Yes. No licence, no participation.

My child has a learning difficulty, can they still train?
They can try a class of course! If they are more suited to individual attention rather than a large class, it is the Instructors duty to discuss this. But we find the social skills learned through training are very benefitcial.

My child has a physical disability, can they still train?
As Kickboxing is a high intensity sport using punches and kicks. It depends on the nature of the condition. Please email me.

Are the classes suitable for girls?
Yes we have lots of girls training, gaining life skills every week.

Do you do bullying prevention strategies with the children?
Yes we do avoidance techniques to diffuse bullying through role play.

How does the grading syllabus work?
Gradings are every 3 months White Belt-Purple Belt then every 6 months from Purple-Black.

Can I pay cash or pay as you go?
We cannot take cash at classes unfortunatly. Direct Debit only.

I am very unfit, can I still try a class?
Of course, go at your own pace!

I have athsma, can I still train?
You must bring your asthma pump to training.