What country is this style of kickboxing from?
Our kickboxing syllabus is a Japanese Sport Kickboxing Style. With most of the same kicks found in Korean Taekwondo.

Do I need to bring my own gloves or hand wraps?
Ideally yes. For hygene reasons we recommend that all students have boxing hand wraps & gloves. We can provide the gloves on our Webshop.

How long is it until Black Belt?
Black Belt takes 3 years providing the student passes every grading and does not miss one.

When can I order the uniform?
Students train 3 months for the White Belt, then attend the grading and are issued their certificate, custom belt & uniform.

What basic kit do I need?
Beginner-Yellow Belt: Boxing hand wraps, gloves.

Are gradings essential?
For Kickboxing yes. For Thai Boxing or fitness purposes, no.

What do I need to bring to training?
A bottle of water & sweat towel & wear gym clothing.

Can I swap days around? Or do I have to commit to a set day?
No, it is betters that students sign up for specific days. If you give more than 24 hours npotice, you won't forfeit the session.

How often an I charged for training fees?
Monthly or yearly depending on the training package

Is there an option to freeze if I am away for more than 4 weeks?
You can but please advise your instructor more than 3 working days before your direct debit due date.

Are you open during the school holidays?

Is there contact straight away?
After Yellow Belt, students learn blocking techniques.

Are you a competition based club?
No one is forced into competing, but some students relish competition & want to test themselves.

Do I need a licence?
Yes. No licence, no participation.

Are the classes suitable for women?
Yes Stephhon has specialised in women's self-defense training for over 8 years.

Do you do bullying prevention strategies with students?
Yes we do avoidance techniques to diffuse bullying through role play.

How does the grading syllabus work?
Gradings are every 3 months White Belt-Purple Belt then every 6 months from Purple-Black.

Can I pay cash or pay as you go?
We cannot take cash at unfortunatly. Direct Debit only.

I am very unfit, can I still try a class?
Of course, go at your own pace!

I have athsma, can I still train?
You must bring your asthma pump to training.